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PUBG Mobile UC & BP Generator Hacks 2019

  • Certain sites on the Internet are suggesting users visit sites such as ““, ““, ““a strange website that has no connection with the official PUBG Mobile site.
  • This site promises to give Free UC & BP for its users, saying it can Generate them for PUBG Mobile on Android, iOS and emulators.
  • But, how can this be possible? Sadly, it isn’t – it’s just a scam. It’s common to get attracted by the UI and easy-to-use interface of PUBG Mobile UC/BP generator sites, but this attraction will be short, as you’ll notice the truth in a short amount of time. None of them work.
  • Free UC Generators usually demand your Username and the device platform of your smartphone before trying to “send” the UC or BP. Entering your username and selecting the device platform will trigger another step. The generator will ask you how much UC or BP you want to load into your account “for free”. Then there’s the catch: as a final step to send the free UC or BP to your PUBG Mobile account, it will demand you to verify if you are a human using a survey.
PUBG mobile Hack 2019
  • To be quite honest, the survey isn’t really necessary. Think about it: why should you use a survey to verify if your users are real? Google CAPTCHA exist for a reason, right? But a survey can be used to generate money for its creators, something that CAPTCHAS won’t do efficiently. Generators are fake tools, and the person who own that website will earn real money online by wasting your time on completing a survey.
  • It may be sad, but many newbie internet users fall into this scheme and even try to use the tool many times, thinking they’re doing something wrong. None of them get anything! So don’t be like them – be smarter, and don’t try to use hacks for free UC or BP on PUBG Mobile.

List of the PUBG UC Generator sites we know:

As far as we know right now, there is no other way to get free UC in PUBG, aside from those methods already mentioned here.


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