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How to Buy UC Cash With Credit Or Debit Card in Pubg Mobile

If you have a credit card or debit card, you can easily purchase UC through the integrated online store you can find in PUBG Mobile. They offer different bonuses depending on the size of the purchase. As we said before, getting 600 UC will give you 60 bonus UC, and this is only one of the options.
What if you don’t have a physical credit or debit card? If you don’t own a physical card, you can use virtual credit cards to buy your UC. If PUBG Mobile doesn’t accept your virtual card, try to pay using Google Play credits. Most of the virtual credit cards available nowadays work well with Google Play.
You can get bonus UC if you own an Elite Pass or Elite Royale pass, which makes this item more valuable. Remember, the Elite Royale Pass is worth 600 UC. If you can’t benefit from bonuses, the only way to get UC by in-game purchases. You may get discounts sometimes.
That’s it for now – remember to always be aware of scammers! Stop wondering “How can I get free BP and UC in PUBG Mobile?”, and remember that nothing is really entirely free, but you can always make the system work for you. Try to take advantage of it using the methods previously mentioned in this article, and if you know another way of getting extra UC and BP in PUBG Mobile, feel free to tell us about it in the comment section below! We’ll be happy to read feedback from you.


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