These Photos Are Proof That Oppo F11 Pro Can Give A DSLR Camera A Run For Its Money

The Oppo F11 Pro has been touting itself as a smartphone with excellent low light photography. We obviously wanted to put its claim to the test, and wasted no time in checking out the sleek new smartphone’s camera prowess, as soon as we got our hands on the device.
Taking it around Delhi NCR one night, we were curious to find the answer to one overbearing question: Can the Oppo F11 Pro’s camera come close to a DSLR camera’s performance?
This is one of our favourite low-light shots clicked with the Oppo F11 Pro — no crazy settings, it’s a photo shot in cameraauto mode, in a challenging lighting environment. The metallic red colour of the car pops and shines, and also pay attention to the different hues of black — the night sky, the podium, shadows, etc. Shows the Oppo F11 Pro’s camera has good dynamic range.
This is another shot which gets overexposed and too bright in most camera phone images. But not on the Oppo F11 Pro, as you can see. There is some noise in the dark parts of the image, but it’s within limits, and most importantly it doesn’t take away from the detailed leaves and different shades of green captured in the image, in a tricky light condition.
Notice the radiant lamp on the left side of the darkish sofa in the middle of the frame, the chair under the spotlight on the right, and the colourful wallpaper. The Oppo F11 Pro ensured the image was true to scale to a great degree — definitely better than most phones we’ve seen — almost into DSLR territory. Not bad aall.
The front selfie camera on the Oppo F11 Pro is as good as the rear camera panel, as you can see in this photo above. Both the faces are in focus, especially the eyes, and the different skin tones have been nicely reproduced as well. Even the plants and foliage in the background have been captured neatly.
The final low-light photo is of a lawn with some lighting thrown in. On the left side of the image, you can see longer leaves overlaying on the lit bush in the background, and shrubs with progressively lesser amount of light from right to left. You can see colour separation between the smaller red bush against the lawn, which is quite neat for the camera to pick up. It’s a challenging photo to capture, even for a DSLR camera, yet we feel the Oppo F11 Pro has done a commendable job.


OK enough of low-light, what about daylight shots?

Obviously, a phone that does pretty well in low-light photography, will do even better in daylight shots. That’s what we saw with the Oppo F11 Pro as well, if you take a look at the pics it managed to capture and reproduce.

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